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Why change the valve when changing tires?
2019-07-17 17:10:05

In the long-term operation and high-speed operation of the automobile, there are often some failures, such as anchoring, car puncture, component damage, etc. When these faults occur, they can be properly maintained and maintained during normal use. Regular maintenance to reduce the occurrence of faults.

In the case of tire blasting or damage, the maintenance master will also replace the valve when changing the tire during maintenance, for the following reasons:


First, because of the different tires, the model of the valve is also different, according to the model matching;

Second, because the valve will have a certain degree of aging after high-speed operation, there will be some cracks, bending, etc., and the airtightness of the valve in the tire is very high, both to isolate the tire and The outside air should also prevent substances such as dust from entering the tire.

Therefore, when changing the tires, the valve is to be exchanged, and the explosion-proof valve is also used. The explosion-proof valve can reduce the tire puncture, so that the life of the tire can be extended. In short, to maintain the airtightness of the tire, it is necessary to ensure the airtightness of the valve.

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