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Where should the car jack be placed?
2019-07-17 16:58:23

Where should the car jack be placed? Xiaobian analysis is as follows;

The jacks equipped with the car are respectively supported on the metal ribs on the lower side of the left and right sides of the vehicle. There are grooves or triangular marks on the metal ribs. Of course, the insurance method is to check the manual of the vehicle, which will detail the jack. Use method and vehicle safety support location.


It is worth reminding that the wrong support point will damage the chassis. The bottom of the car has special support points for supporting the jack. The support point of the car is usually on the inside of the side skirt, like the two fins on the sides of the chassis. The back is about 20 cm, and the front of the rear wheel is about 20 cm. This fin is protruding from the steel plate of the chassis and can withstand relatively large pressure. If the jack is supported on the steel plate of the chassis, it is likely to cause unnecessary damage to the chassis. In addition, the support on the suspended hem arm is also an incorrect operation. If the jack slips the vehicle and the chassis and jack are damaged.

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