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What are the methods for repairing tires?
2019-07-17 15:19:59

Common tire repair methods using tire repair tools to repair tires:

According to the usual work experience, the tire repair method for bad tires can be roughly divided into three types according to the degree of tire damage: cold (internal or paste), hot (commonly known as fire) and rubber strip.

Cold supplement The so-called cold supplement is to remove the injured tire from the rim, find the wound, clean the foreign body at the wound, and then attach a special tire rubber from the inner layer of the tire to complete the trap. In fact, this method is similar to the bicycle tire repair method, but only requires a special grilling machine and tire rubber to complete. The advantage is that it can repair large wounds. The disadvantage is that it is not durable enough. After a period of flooding or high-speed driving, the repairing site is likely to leak again.


Hot heat supplement (commonly known as fire supplement) is a thorough tire repair measure. The heat supplement also removes the tire from the rim and attaches a dedicated green film to the wound. Then use a baking machine to bake the wound until the raw film and the tire are completely fitted. The benefits of heat supplement are very durable, so you don't have to worry about repeated leaks at the wound. However, it also has the disadvantage that the technical requirements during construction are high, because once the fire control is not good during baking, it is very likely that the tire will be burnt, and the deformation will be severe, so that the damage to the tire will be Big.

For the majority of car owners, when the car is on the road, the tire is tied and leaking. The simple and practical method is to use the strip method. The rubber strip method has low requirements on equipment (a set of tire repair tools plus a small tire air pump), and the professional technical requirements of the owner are not high (as long as you dare to try it yourself), so it is suitable for ordinary car owners.

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