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The importance and standard of the adhesive balance block in the car driving
2019-07-17 15:59:35

The sticking weights of each wheel vary in size, but there must be a sticking weight. Some of the wheel's adhesive weights are on the outside of the wheel, but most of the wheel's adhesive weights are on the inside of the wheel, making it difficult to find the adhesive weight from the outside.

The balance of the wheels depends on the adhesive weight attached to the wheels. The role of this small, unremarkable small iron block is not too small. If it is gone, the wheel will lose its balance. Therefore, you must be optimistic about the quality of the paste when you choose the paste. Any negligence can have serious consequences that cannot be avoided.


The adhesive type iron balance block is suitable for any type of vehicle, galvanized and sprayed, and meets environmental protection and anti-corrosion standards.

1. The heavy block has clear lettering, fine craftsmanship and neat appearance.

2, the weight error is very small, using double-sided tape, the paste is firm.

3, dynamic balance does not hurt the rim, and beautiful.

4, free to cut a variety of specifications, widely used, to bring convenience to the dynamic balance.

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