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The characteristics and production process of lead-type hook-type balance block
2019-07-17 15:09:15

The characteristics and production process of lead-type hook-type balance block

First, the lead-type hook-type balance block has passed ISO9001-2002 quality system certification, customers can use with confidence.

Second, the lead-type hook-type balance block is made of standard lead and the quality is recognized.

Third, the lead-type hook-type balance block is all cast and formed, the lettering is clear and complete, and the weight error is small.

Fourth, lead-type hook-type balance block Its standard specifications are between 50g-300g, you can have different choices according to your own needs.

In recent years, in order to reduce lead pollution, some well-known foreign automobile manufacturers have begun to use zinc to manufacture wheel balance blocks. Although the zinc wheel balancer is manufactured in the same way as the lead balance, the price of its raw materials is high. The unit price of raw materials is about 50% higher than that of lead. Moreover, it is obviously not suitable to use expensive metal zinc as the weight of the wheel balance block.

In the manufacture of lead and zinc wheel balance blocks, the raw materials are melted into a liquid state, and then injected into a die-casting mold for die-casting; then the process wastes such as gates and runners (30 to 50% by weight of the product) are removed. Then frustrate, trim, etc.; then paint. Because of the extremely high electrical energy consumed by the metal melting process, its manufacturing companies are recognized as high energy-consuming enterprises.


Production process of spring clip for lead-type hook-type balance block

a. When starting to develop the overall clamping wheel counterweight balance block, the processing process of the clip starts from the opening of the material, and the steel strip is subjected to annealing and metallographic testing before the material is opened. The result is that each batch of material In the metallographic structure, the grain size is different, which affects the quality of stamping (some cracks appear during the formation of the clip), resulting in the scrapping of the entire clip. After the two processes of annealing and metallographic examination are added, the occurrence of cracks is avoided, and the quality of the forming process is ensured.

b. For the quenching and tempering process of the parts, when the development is started, the clips are placed in a well type furnace for heating and heat preservation, and then the central sheets are taken out to the oil tank for quenching. Due to the small amount of hot melt of the clip, during the process of taking out the furnace and sending it to the oil tank, the temperature of the outer clip is lowered rapidly in a frame, and the quenching temperature of the whole batch is different, resulting in some clips failing to be quenched. Hard, the clamping force of the integral clamp type counterweight balance block on the rim is insufficient, and the wheel rotates at a high speed. The balance block will fall off. Later, a thick steel plate was attached to the upper surface of the frame. At the same time, the furnace is heated and insulated in order to reduce the temperature during the quenching process, but the effect is not satisfactory. To this end, the horizontal quenching furnace and the tempering furnace are used to quench and temper the central sheet. The clips are evenly placed on the conveyor belt of the box furnace. When the clips are transported into the furnace, the furnace is placed. Warm to the quenching temperature. The conveyor belt can be moved in a box furnace to ensure the holding time. When the temperature in the box furnace has not changed, the clips are automatically removed from the conveyor belt and the quenching oil tank is automatically removed, thereby ensuring the uniform hardness of the entire batch of the clips, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed.

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