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Matching, use and installation method of hook type balance block warranty equipment
2019-07-17 16:06:44

In recent years, due to the sharp increase in car ownership, and the tire warranty has been incorporated into the car maintenance enterprise opening management regulations, the heat of the car iron-linked balance block maintenance and maintenance market is gradually heating up. The automotive iron-hook balance weight warranty service has become the focus of more and more investors, and the number of iron-linked balance block service stores is also growing rapidly. Here, the market conditions and options of the equipment and products involved in the maintenance and repair are analyzed.


The installation of the hook type balance block and its structure type, quality, size (including spring hook and balance block), and strict technical requirements during installation, the installation method is as follows:

1. After you have verified the dynamic balance of the tire, use the cleaning agent to clean the inner and outer sides of the rim edge.

2. Check before installation:

a, balance weight without cracks, pinholes, shrinkage holes or other defects affecting strength.

b. No harmful cracks or burrs are allowed at the ends of the clips.

3. Find a good balance point, install a balance block on the balance point of the wheel rim, and use the installation tool (usually a balance clamp) to strike the top of the hook so that the balance block hook and the block completely match the rim.

4. Check if the balance block is loose after the installation is completed. If there is no balance block installation.

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